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SGF enters August with "Speechless," a song about the dilemmas of self-expression. Modern pop inspiration courses through the veins of "Speechless." Tender verses lined with melodic strata collide with earth-shaking, trunk-rattling choruses. Auto-tuned vocals, massive drums, twinkling comedowns, and larger-than-life guitar build a colossal soundscape. "Speechless" leaves no doubt that it is SGF's most immediate and seismic single to date.


released August 2, 2016

written, produced, mixed, and mastered by SGF



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SGF Seattle, Washington

SGF is an electronic pop band from Seattle. Intimate, heartfelt hooks meet driving beats informed by house music and the Minneapolis sound. Saxophone and bass guitar lace dancefloor-ready songs. SGF creates music for darkened rooms, alive with romance and possibility. ... more

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Track Name: Speechless
Here I am
Livin' in the dark
I work so hard
But I'm so alone

There's no sound that I can make
That'll show you what's inside
But my heart, it pounds, and my bones, they shake
I think something should happen

If I could say it out loud
Maybe I'd say it out loud
These unclear sounds
Won't make it all make sense

The words don't come (you got me, you got me) SPEECHLESS
And I know you feel the same way too (you got me, you got me) SPEECHLESS
But how are we to let them know (you got me, you got me) SPEECHLESS
When no words flow (you got me, you got me) SPEECHLESS

(you got me, you got me) SPEECHLESS

Here I am
Livin' in the dark
I work so hard
Still so alone

I whisper half-thoughts
I write nonsense down
But it's never enough
You keep coming up

[chorus 2x]